Kunundrum - a very interesting and exciting puzzle game, made ​​in neon style. In it you have to move the colored balls to sparkling hoops that color. Rules of the game are such that a sparkling ball can get to the hoop only, if it stops. That is, if the ball will fly through the hoop and will not stop for any obstacle, it just flies by.
In the role of obstacles may make the board or wall already filled hoops if they are located close to the hoop, where you want to locate next sharik.Chem fewer moves you make to get the result, the more comp points you earn. In addition, the success of mileage level is also marked by the number of asterisks. During the trip, on the playing field sparkling beads can come across as a bonus, and antibonusy.
Bonuses allow you to reset the number of moves made to negative indicator, while conversely antibonusy artificially increase the number of moves made. Typically, the number of moves in each set bonus and his opposite. Before you drive the ball to the bonus, calculated moves that must be done to round up the ball to the bonus and to drive it to the hoop. Perhaps, in this scenario will not be worth powder and shot manufacture and eventually you'll make even more moves than in the case, had just taken the ball to their hoop.
As you go Kunundrum, naturally, its complexity will increase. Will also increase the number of multi-colored hoops, was waiting his balls of light.
Apart from all the delights of the above, in the game with each new level will be added to the various pieces that make the gameplay more interesting and fascinating. For example, it will accelerate the path that sends the ball in the direction of the arrow, even if the ball is not stopped, resting a snag after the shooter, and just tried to get past this track.
Also it can be different portals and automatic gates, which open or close at a certain time and, therefore, miss or delay the balls. In the game you will find a total of 160 exciting levels, you do not pass so soon, but in the end and you will be enough.


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