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From Cheese is an entertaining puzzle game in which you have to help-fed mice to reach coveted cheese. All the events of the game take place in a makeshift laboratory, which has built and equipped a young scientist who seeks to find out just how clever his mouse. Expanding the obstacles and difficulties entering new guy seriously complicates life mouse. And, as you know, all the difficulties and hardships, prepared a mouse, you have to solve it. Bring the smell of cheese and a hero with the heady scent, point it in the right way. Get ready for hours of fun gameplay, and dozens of diverse levels, that will make you thoroughly smash his head in trying to find the right solution.
Surely the game idea can please everyone, besides the developers have tried to perfect the graphics. Picture turned lush and colorful, well traced all the elements, from the models themselves and ending at the level of each block. In general, the graph is made in the style to draw well, but there are interesting three-dimensional inserts, which give variety and allow you to fully observe the work you have done. In particular, the transition to 3D is when you are prepared, and the mouse can only execute your plan. Good job creators of the game, and the animation, which is also supplemented nice effects, which ultimately makes the picture an attractive and lively.
Colorful levels always begin with the appearance of the main character, then the camera goes up and you can see the whole level. The goal you are quite clear - bring your mouse to a piece of cheese, and do it as economically as possible and faster. And if the task is fairly commonplace, the mechanics of the game managed to surprise and even happy. As a rule, we are manipulating the hero, for example, draw a trajectory of him and stuff, and then it performs the specified actions, as it was in the game SPY mouse.
And then the idea is similar, however, the path will be marked smell of cheese, striving for that, the mouse will perform the task. As a result, we at the beginning of the level you need to press and hold the cheese from him to hero line, that is, to think of a plan of action will need to be at the end. Yes, this approach is unusual and the entry point to a dead end, but believe me, after a little practice, you can quickly analyze the route and find solutions for each situation.
Naturally, each level has its own troubles and difficulties, and if at the beginning of lunch ports to different walls and closing doors, it will have to progress through to meet again with the cats, rats and dogs. As a result of well thought-out route is entirely dependent passage level. As a result, you should not just draw a straight line from the cheese to the hero, and find a safe and possible short cut. By the way, points are awarded for completing the level for the amount of use smell, that is, the shorter the line to build the route, the more points you get, will also be taken into account and the time spent with the mouse on the passage way.
From Cheese: cheese smell will hero to victory
However, despite the fact that at the time of the recorded, you have nowhere to rush. The fact that the gameplay is divided into two parts: in the first one you think through the route and slowly draw the line smell, and the second just watching as the mouse implement your plan. As a result, management is built is quite simple, and all you have to do - is to draw a line with your finger smell. To control their costs, look at the lower part of the screen where the scale, there is also pointed out the number of stars you receive for the use of different amounts of smell.
If you make a mistake or have found another solution, you can just rewind the entire track scent, which just swipe from left to right on the scale, and you can not remove the entire track as a whole, but only a part. In addition, there are two types of odors and, in particular, you can use the enhanced flavor that makes the mouse substantially accelerated and thus get past the cat or overcome other difficulties. But it is worth noting that the strong odor does not appear immediately, will have to overcome several levels.

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