Beach Buggy Blitz v.1.2


Beach Buggy Blitz - it's a great beach racing with stunning graphics. In this game you have to drive a different wheelbarrow many beautiful trails. Each of which is not predictable. The next corner you can expect to fork or a terrible break. The game uses an excellent engine, which allows the use of cool graphics. All objects and tracks which have been on a high level. The game is so unpredictable that one card will be completely different paths, bridges - even on the same landscape is dozens of different ways. Control of the game is very realistic. Flying, flying spray, sharp turns with drift, it looks very beautiful and believable. Game can truly be considered one of the best. As you progress through the game, you can take your new car. Getting a low-power available to you jeep, but you will be able to carry out various improvements to its performance.

Unfortunately play toy can only owners of devices with processors Terga 3, which emphasizes the quality and productivity of all factors.

Version 1.2:


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    а как качать

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    как скачать?

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    как скачать?

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