The Moron Test v.4.2


The Moron Test - press, rotate and shake to go all the way from Moron to Genius, doing funny and tricky task. Complete the game themselves, and then have fun with family and friends, who will repeatedly fall into the trap of trying to solve the seemingly most simple tasks!
Test for Idiots - is one of the most popular games for mobile platforms in history. Start playing and you will definitely see why Test Idiot enjoys such great popularity in the Android Market.
Game Spot is not a classic choice questions, and painted puzzle. At first, the game is easy, but then begin to test the ambush, and understanding that was wrong would have to start over again, you start to move convolutions.
Test for Idiot makes you laugh at your own mistakes!

- Simple and addictive gameplay
- Five parts and hundreds of fun tasks
- Funny characters, great effects and music
- Achievements and Network Hall of Fame
- Ability to shamelessly laugh at the failures of your friends!
- Old School
- Favorite Optional
- Winter Vacation
- The Food fling
- Day of truants
- School Pygmy
Oh, and do not forget the little cartoon characters in the game which is Test Idiot!

Version 2.4:


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