Slay v.1.0.9


Slay - a fun and addictive game where you have to use all of their strategic planning, and sometimes resort to tricks. You will have to subdue the island, which was originally divided among six players. Send your peasants to seize new territories. When you join their new land, you will be able to raise the status of their peasants and make them more powerful characters: spearmen, knights and barons.
Increase the power of their soldiers can, combining them with each other. With more powerful soldiers can capture territory, protected less powerful soldier in the enemy army. At the same time, every soldier protects resources that are located in adjacent cells from it. The stronger the character is, the easier he wins the enemies and grab the locks. But you can not create too many strong characters, or you will not have enough money to maintain them, and your land will go bankrupt. A special role is played by the trees. Occupying a cage, they do not give this resource to the common fund - in taxes. If the trees are not in time to clear his soldiers, then expanding, they are able to absorb a number of resources that the army would be doomed.
Conquer all the islands!

Version 1.0.9:

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