Wheres My Perry? v.1.4.0


Wheres My Perry - a new puzzle game from the creator of Swamp crocodile (WHERES MY WATER?) DISNEY STUDIOS AND ALL IN RUSSIAN!
Where's Perry? - An addictive puzzle game with a physical bias. You will need to use the water in all kinds of conditions - in the form of liquid, ice and vapor. Intuitive controls, colorful graphics, the story in the spirit of spy thriller and most importantly - lasers! You will dive into the world of secret agents!

CHAPTER FOUR PLOT, more than 80 levels and free upgrades!

Perry the platypus from the popular animated series "Phineas and Ferb" is no ordinary pet. In fact, he - natatorial spy known as Agent P! And he has to save the world! Perry was summoned to the headquarters, but our spy felt hat stuck in transport tube! Help Perry get to the staff and get a job, having brought water or steam to the generator feeding tube shock.

Exciting gameplay.
Water is found in nature in different states, and you come up with all of them. Protect the water and steam path through thick mud, rock and ice, passing various levels of the game.

Villainous Dr. Fufelshmertts equipped sewer sorts lasers:
· "Heater" instantly turns water into steam, and the ice - in the water!
· "Cooler" instantly turns water into ice and steam - in the water!
· "Uveselitel" draws water or steam and ... wait, but this is sensitive information?

Collector's item, TESTS AND BONUS LEVELS
Gather at each level of the three gnomes and become super spy! Find the secret item and open bonus levels where you will Bead - a childhood friend of Dr. Fufelshmerttsa!

"Where's Perry?" - Every drop of water is precious for a spy!

Version 1.4.0:

Unlocked version 1.4.0:


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