World of Goo v.1.0.6


World of Goo - it's sensational indie project from 2D Boy - consisting of only two enthusiasts. In spite of this, the resulting game stands out for its original gameplay, nice graphics and excellent music.
Before us the world populated with unusual characters - Goo. It's funny balls, consisting of some sticky substance and capable of incredible fantastic shapes. Easily coupled to each other, they build towers, bridges and other structures for that would reach out to the pipe. Once that happens - the level will be completed and you will get access to the next. With each round of the task will be more and more complex. Sometimes it seems that to achieve their goals is unrealistic. But the swift and tireless Goo difficult to stop!
In total there are several types of balls - some horribly tacky, others are able to disengage after building construction, and others - to burn. All we have to solve the problem puzzling for four more chapters, so enjoy the unusual action, time to each.
The graphics in this game is worthy of praise. Each of the balls on the Android screen might be living their own lives. The whole structure of the constantly flows and moves. However, all elements of the design have a clear physics. Under the weight of the balls constructed tower can easily tip over and break, so you have to be constantly on the alert and to expect every action. Life Goo complicate various obstacles - spines, circular saws, huge chasm and other troubles. But all this only fuels interest. Toward the middle of the game you start to realize all the possibilities for these little creatures, with such a strange name.
Besides excellent graphics component, it is worth mentioning a very thoughtful and relevant soundtrack. Music at levels to match changes happening on the screen action, which again contributes to total immersion in World of Goo. The entire game is riddled with indescribable charm and delight. Even signs with witty clues scattered around the levels, once again forcing a smile.
Overall, this is an extraordinary game that is impossible to miss. Among the obvious advantages - not unlike one another toy gameplay, great graphics and music. Among disadvantages, perhaps, is the lack of the fact that the levels in the game, though more than enough of, but not infinite.

- Unique graphics, detailed drawn, with great animation;
- Simple operation;
- Realistic physics game.

Version 1.0.6:

Amazon version 1.0.6:

Who has little memory of the phone (and before installing the file is downloaded to the main memory [some systems / firmware in a separate section], so installation requires twice as much space), you can try to put a sd-card or if you have SDK, immediately to stick with the company command "adb install-s <path to the apk-file>"


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