Where's My Water? (Crocodile Swamp)


The protagonist of the game Where's My Water? - Alligator Swamp, which suffers from a lack of clean water for the bathroom. Each level - logical task with a physics must consider water path so as to collect all Swamp ducklings and provide a certain amount of water.
Dig a tunnel in the ground, use a variety of tools and pipes. But as the alligator is under the city, it is not surprising presence of such troubles as mold, sewage, waste, that and strive to spoil Swamp bathing in the bathroom.
Choose your level and start the game. In each level you need to hold the water in such a way that it reaches bathroom Swamp and along the way collected three ducklings for the bathroom.
After each level, your points will be tallied and the number of ducklings, which, by the way, open up new levels. Also, in some levels will be hidden collectible items that are hidden under a layer of earth, to gather them is not necessary, but for the passing game will have to work and dig them all.
The graphics in this game is just great, and the additional effects make the game the most colorful. The further you go, the more there are additional elements, and the more difficult the task becomes. Along with the game time flies by in an instant.

All the fun is just beginning. Pipes Swamp broken, and to fix them, you will need to go through four chapters of 20 levels each. The game will be updated regularly, there will be new levels.
Meet the Swamp!
Swamp history you will learn in the course of the game. He is very cute and funny, and he really wants to take a bath with his beloved rubber duck. Thanks to the excellent detailed graphics and animation Swamp and its underworld look like the real thing.
Water behaves, as in life
Go with the flow! Flawless physics fluid made by the game developers "" JellyCar "". You will need to get the water to flow through increasingly sophisticated sites.
Ringing in the game "" Where's the water? "'Is so good that you will long to sing them in the shower. A Swamp live in a place which is full of alligators and various amusing things.
Additional levels are opened for the collected items from the soul Swamp. Look for rubber ducks and other surprises!
So you got it, you need to constantly monitor the algae, toxic muck, switches and traps. The new puzzle game "Where is the water?" the account will be every drop!

Version 1.12.0:

Unlocked version 1.12.0:


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