Plague Inc.


Plague Inc - cynical and addictive game with a simple and highly addictive plot the destruction of all mankind by a pathogen, the development of which you are, in fact, control.
Advances in the spread of the disease give you points DNA, which can be invested in the development of micro-organism, making it more contagious (eg, better able to spread through the air), strengthening of the risk to life or improving its survival (eg, the ability to survive in a cold climate, or to adapt to Antibiotic-ers). Realizing the growing danger, humanity will not sit still, and try to develop a vaccine, unless ... who will develop it.
At the initial stage, you see bacterium victory will open access to new microorganisms.
The undoubted success of the game is the physics of the epidemic, which takes into account not only good health, but also the economic and geographic aspects of the modern world. For example, infection with Turkey will affect the acceleration of infection in Germany. Factors infection developed countries (where the majority of people wash their hands) are different from the factors of infection developing.
A few tips:
- Take the time to make the deadly disease. The high lethality is a natural barrier to the development of the epidemic - the infected die, unable to pass on the infection.
- From the beginning think of the developed northern countries - Canada, Sweden, Russia. In these countries, the cold climate, the development of medicine and a sparse population - all this will prevent the rapid development of the epidemic.
- Wait for the infection of all countries - at some point the country will begin to close borders to quarantine and infect almost no opportunities left (except migratory birds).

- Stunning graphics with a polished interface;
- Highly detailed, realistic world with very advanced AI;
- Comprehensive in-game assistance and training;
- 11 different types of the disease with a fundamentally different tactics;
- Full-preservation;
- More than 50 countries, hundreds of ways of development, thousands of events in the world, it is adapted to developing the disease;
- Records and achievements to keep track of the disease.

The original APK from Market:
With the opening of paid features (acceleration time + insert genes):
With the opening of (acceleration time + insert genes all diseases + + + cheats genes):
How to switch from German into English:
In the main menu, you should click on the gear in the upper left corner, then on the second button from the bottom and click on ">". Restarting the game.

Russian version:
With the opening of paid features (acceleration time + insert genes):
With the opening of (acceleration time + insert genes all diseases + + + cheats genes):
Features APK:
- German language replaced Russian;
- From the beginning, open Zombie virus and Neuro-worm;
- Cut out all unnecessary languages ​​(left only Russian and English), Activity, and advertising;
- Countries in English;
ATTENTION, this is not hacked billing, so we can not "buy" all the diseases and genes. They open when you first start the game.

How to install:
- If there is a rut and need of conservation: to save the file before installing global_settings.ini of data data com.miniclip.plagueinc files Contents Resources, and then uninstall the previous version, to put a new and throw the file back after the first run of the game.
- In other cases - remove the old version (if it was installed) and set a new one.


attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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