Flow Free


Flow Free - is a fun puzzle game that has a simple and straightforward implementation of the idea, and it is due to this it can be nice to while away a few hours. All that you have to do - to connect the colored dots that are arranged on the board, crashed on the cells. Just swipe your finger from one point to another and fill the entire field of colored lines. Try your skills and patience, because you have to go through about 600 levels!
Together with uncomplicated conceived game received and simple graphics, which is made in dark colors and refined with neon colors. The playing field is thus completely devoid of any decorations, but perhaps this is a good thing, because nothing will distract from the gameplay. The musical accompaniment is also made simple, and, again, due to this it does not distract from the task. As you know, the game has no special effects and animation, and due to this simplicity, you can fully address the puzzle.


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