Subway Surf 2


Best Android Subway Surf 2 Wonderful pictures and playing Subway Surf 2! This game is so easy, but super fun and nice to play!
The first account:
We put the best collection of videos
Subway Surf 2 in this application, they are:
Fast train, the train on the magnetic, electric trains, subway trains, diesel train locomotive and train
Other tabs:
There are 3 games!
Game 1-Memory game.
Click on the blocks (icons) to match a similar pattern in the pair.
Game 2 puzzle game.
Shuffle exploded picture that needs to be folded back.
Game 3-Block game.
Try to align all the different blocks that correspond to each other in the same roll. The more blocks you place the more points you get.
After each level, you will love this game so much.
Council on scoring:
The larger the block you clear, the more points you get.
Other Features:
You can pause at any time (suspended) and continue the game (continued) this game later.
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