Flow Free: Bridges


Flow Free: Bridges - it's easy to look at, but quite entertaining game on which you really have to smash your head, and take it not half an hour, and a lot more time.
Visually, everything in the game Flow Free: Bridges looks quite simple, but it is only at first glance.
The idea of ​​this puzzle is to connect colored dots on the board so that all the cells were filled with colored lines. The points of the same color are connected in pairs, and your task is to make the lines connecting them, do not overlap. Just at this moment and start of ...
It turns out that connect all the dots so that the lines never intersect, is almost impossible. Here you have the support of bridge - a special cell, which can pass through two lines, one vertical and one horizontal. Due to this puzzle is solved, but you still have to think, because the bridge can skip any pair of lines and a lot of them on the field. The main thing is to guess what kind of a pair of all must pass through it.
Do not be discouraged attempts you have plenty! You are waiting about five hundred puzzles of different levels of complexity - from the beginner level, where the playing field has a size of 5 × 5 cells is to bonus level with a field of 9 × 9. We recommend to start with the easier levels, in order to get into the swing of things and to understand the logic of the game. More difficult levels as you progress through open simple, but if you start frankly bored by clicking the bonus levels as nuts, then the Flow Free: Bridges will prove to you that it is too early to relax. The fact is that in addition to the normal mode there is a game mode for the time in which you can choose the size of the field and the time limit from 4 minutes to 30ti seconds. Yes, 30 seconds - this is for real ace! But, but, you have room to grow ...
Connect the dots - what could be easier! Unless, of course, does not take into account the logic and focus only on the management, the way it is. In this game you only need to touch the chosen point and slide your finger across the screen to a second point. Colored line on the screen repeat the trajectory of the finger, and points will be connected. But as soon as your line will reach the intersection with the other, it will fail, so please be savvy and look for workarounds. The correct solution there, your job is to find it quickly.
Player Achievement in Flow Free: Bridges are fixed at the top of the screen above the playing field. Here you can see how many cells you have filled out how many points are put together and how much is spent on moves.
At the beginning of the game you get three tips are available at the touch of a question mark icon in the lower right corner. Further hints will earn if you successfully pass several levels. The general description of what you can find in the main menu, where you choose the game mode and difficulty level.
Flow Free: Bridges laconic graphic design. The game looks very bright at the expense of multi-colored dots and lines on a black background. But, in addition, all implemented very simple, nothing is superfluous. For the puzzle of this design is enough.
In this game there is no background music, but little need for it is not felt. Enough and voiced action - each touch screen accompanied by a pleasant sound, reminiscent of the fall of drops of water, and when the points are connected correctly, you will hear a gurgling brook, melodic and gentle.
Flow Free: Bridges - the original puzzle that is useful to you and as a time-killer, and how to charge for the brain. Each level looks for the player, like a call that one immediately wants to take away from the game so it will be difficult.

- More than 700 free puzzles apart Bonus Pack
- Several types of boards (different in size)
- Several sets of levels
- Free Trial Play and time modes
- Clean, colorful graphics
- Funny sound effects

What's new:
Version 1.2:
- Added new paid and free level packs
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements


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