Coach memory! Brain trainer


Coach memory!Brain trainer - a unique personal trainer for the brain development of memory, attention, reaction speed, decision-making, flexibility and multi-tasking.
Scientists believe the brain, like muscles, needs exercise.
Suffice 5 minutes a day in order to not only maintain your memory in shape, but also to develop it!

You will be able to play without tension manner, the pesky napominalok, in a convenient and comfortable time for you to maintain and develop not only their memory, but also many of the attendant skills. For example, to increase the level of attention: it is easy to allocate the similarity between objects and memorize their location on a plane or in space.

Using the tip of the program, you may notice that after a while the answers to these and many other questions will not bother you much less likely to:
✓ Shut the front door I?
✓ Where do I put this? Where are my keys?
✓ Where to park my car?
✓ How to get to where I was when - what? And without a GPS?
✓ What is the best route to choose?
✓ What is it like, and where I had seen it?
✓ How were located objects on my desk to clutter?

Train your brain with us!
Improve and develop not only your visual (visual) memory, attention and speed of reaction but!
Our coach's brain there are no restrictions on age. This is a free game for kids and adults of all ages.
Many of our players have noticed the improvement of cognitive function, IQ tests, visual memory, and more!
Communication - gold. Play, socialize, achieve with your friends!
Be the best! Play mind games in the group! Test the others!
Leave your comments and suggestions on Google play, rate the app!
Stay tuned for more!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Game in ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

✓ Matrix Memory - Train your memory to recall the location of objects, visual images, start to feel better environment and navigate in space.
✓ Matrix Memory Classic - Brain fitness and exercise memory, which you can do every day. Switch to a version with pictures if your memory and genius strategies to help reach more than 11 blocks.
✓ shablonchik - Check what the game is the hardest for you? With pictures, with numbers, simple squares. Train that is not very good at it!
✓ Coins - Collect coins in a certain order will quietly improve your peripheral vision, concentration, sustained attention and the field of view. Safer driving, fast response to stimuli - only part of the bonuses of this exercise.
✓ Ordered shablonchik - Simple numerical sequence will help you develop a positive focus and thread attention, concentration, like the personal beam lumosity focus.
✓ Opredelyalka on speed - speed up your cognitive processes and information processing. Include your hidden reserves by overcoming the fastest possible response time.
✓ Reshalka - not only the capacity for mathematical operations such as addition, multiplication, division, subtraction through a quick score to help you in life. One of the most sought-after skills is a quick decision-making, quantitative and logical reasoning. Feel like a genius surpassing simple arithmetic calculation.
✓ Games colors - Be flexible, do several things at once, work faster without errors, control your body and mental state, increase the speed of information processing speed and task switching.

The differences between the pro version and free version:
- No ads
- Field game matrix is ​​more due to the lack of advertising
- Possibly other bonuses in the future

Q: How do I change the sound?
Answer: Please use the appropriate item in the menu -> settings or home screen.
Q: Some items are not very good for me on the screen. What should I do?
A: Send us a screenshot and we will try to fix this in a future version.
Q: How to get out of the Google services?
Answer: Open Achievements players or rating and click Settings -> Output

What's new
+ Bug Fixes!
+ German and Spanish localization
+ Ezhednevnye jobs
+ Achievements
+ Google Ranking players (be the first to post it your best glasses!)
+ More Games
+ More pictures
+ Play, communicate, achieve with your friends!
+ Now the total and group leaderboard almost entirely in Russian!
+ Be the best! Play in a band!
+ Integration with Swarm
+ Localization Leaderboard
+ History

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