"Spelling" - a game for those who correctly writes or thinks he writes correctly. This is a decent challenge to knowledge and a good support to close the gap if they are, after all, "Spelling" - is not only more than 400 cards with the tasks, but also a collection of rules of the Russian language.
You are invited to place the missing letters where necessary. To do this, select the field with missing letters and choose one of the options. The game has more than 400 cards with quotes from famous works of Russian and foreign authors. Each proposal is selected in such a way as to have been affected by a variety of the most interesting and spell check.
The game has a set of rules written using modern reference: checked accented vowel in the root, suffixes or prefixes spelling, vocabulary words, and of course, unstressed personal endings of verbs, the same conjugation. And in case you make a mistake somewhere, right in the app, you will be able to recall the rule that mistake.
After the first version we did a great job. In the second "Spelling" you will find a quote for more than 40 writers from different eras, from textbook classics like Hugo and Flaubert to contemporary authors, including the very young and the recent ones, such as Suskind and Murakami. We have also added a lot of interesting rules, now "Spelling" has become more difficult, and you definitely will not be bored.

Excellent ratings you and enjoyable game!

What's new
We are pleased to present the "Spelling" 2.0!
- A new set of cards "Foreign Literature".
- At your request, we have tried to complicate the job - now you definitely will not be bored!
- Added a lot of new rules of the Russian language, including spelling of unstressed personal endings of verbs.
- General bug fixes and improvements.
All fans of "Spell": the purchase of two sets you get 20 additional cards in each set as a gift!


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