Three words


"Three Words" - it's an amazing word game. You'll have to, as the think and remember all their vocabulary. The essence of the game is very simple. Need to find a word that completes the first word and the second word starts. Despite the simplicity of the rules in order to find the right word, you have to sort out a lot of words.
The words are collected from different areas, so you will certainly encounter unfamiliar words to you. If you feel that this word does not exist, write a letter to those. support, indicating that word. We are happy to try to explain the meaning of the word.
At this point in the game "Three words" contains more than 150 words of the three pairs of words.
User-friendly interface, designed in the spirit of Annex 4 photos 1 word, and the system prompts, the game will make the process as enjoyable as possible. Look for the words, think, develop.

To all fans of puzzle destroy the power of his intellect is dedicated. The game "Three Words" is a word puzzle that will allow you to spend your free time to good use. You will need to remember all of your vocabulary and learn new words, to get to the last level. Are you ready to test your verbal skills?
Design of an application made in the form of a school board in soothing tones - thanks to this you will be able to immerse themselves in thought and nothing will distract you.
When the application starts, the player meets a pretty simple menu. In the upper right corner shows the number of crystals - a kind of currency of the game. Above the "PLAY" is displayed the level at which you left off, well, or get stuck.
Press the "Reset", you will be able to reset their achievements and give a try to play the game, for example, their child - maybe he has a love for the rich Russian language.
The settings of the game quite a bit. You can turn on and turn off the sound effects, as well as change the language using the switches at the bottom. If you speak English, we recommend that you try and play in that language. For you, it will be a great practice in a playful way.
To dive into the solving of word puzzles, you just need to press the "PLAY".
The essence of the game is very simple. Need to find a word that ends with the first word and starts the second. Do you know the number of letters of the word you - this is the number of displayed empty squares, and, given a set of characters from which to make a word. For example, in conjunction COM .. (?) .. ESA, the search word is - "PAS". With his substitution, we get the word "Compass" and "Apiary." For each to guess the word you are charged crystals.
Despite the simplicity of the rules on some chords, you have to think about it, and maybe learn a new word for you. Faced with insurmountable levels you can always use tips. All in game three kinds of clues. The first one opens any letter in the word, and the second removes the excess part of the set of letters - by using these tips you spend crystals. Well, the third tip - is to help your friends. You can share with them the job through social networks without consuming precious crystals. Also, with the third clue, you can check the knowledge of their friends. Now the game 250 levels in Russian and in English 150, so a couple of hours you are guaranteed to head.

All fans of puzzles, eager to try something new, we recommend you download the game "Three Words."

Enjoy your game and good mood.

- Convenient and easy gameplay
- A large number of levels
- The need to think

- Not quite a good font
- Uneven difficulty level

Reviews of the game "Three Words"
★ unpretentious form (that's a plus), the application without problems that need to hanging out, waiting to brighten. I like to look up words ★
★ Great game! Always loved this kind of word games. Thanks to the author ★
★ Cool word game! Download it all hyped up brains! The implementation is lovely! ★
★ Super! Very well developed brains. Over some of the words have to think ★
★ We have no words. Great replacement guessing crosswords and skanvordov ★

What's new
- New words
Thank you Margaret Malikova for new words.
Dear users, we would be pleased if you could help us in drawing up new words. Please send your ideas to

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