Smile Sokoban HD


The time has come under strain your brain in a fun puzzle - Smile Sokoban HD. Sokoban rules are simple, you just need to move objects on the harvested sites, but this is not easy, because some of the moves can lead to blocking of ways, the benefit of the developers foresaw this and made the possibility of lifting moves without restarting the level. In this game you have to play Smiley, who must arrange the yellow rings on red, the ring will move it and think - you. The developers have taken care of the comfort of the player and pre-prescribed routes safe movement smiley, so there is no need to move the main "hero" cell by cell, just click on the desired location of movement and he will choose the route that will not touch the ring and run to the specified point. The graphics in the game are very simple, special effects do not have to wait, the management does not cause difficulties. 3 worlds and 90 levels will for a long time to plunge into the world of Sokoban, and minor system requirements allow the application to run on even the weakest devices. Supports HD resolution.

- Support for Android 2.2 and above
- Support is all screen resolutions (including HD)
- Ability to undo / redo stroke
- 3 worlds, 90 levels of
- Completely free version


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