Beyond Ynth


Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition - one of the best puzzle games for Android. You have to help Zhuchka go through all the boxes that need to be set so that all outputs are the same. Also, you will need to collect along the way gifts.
The whole point of the game is to carry a small insect, the most similar to the ladybug to the end of the level. The controls are simple - left, right, jump to the left and jump to the right. It would seem, judging by the description, arcade game arcade, but in fact have a lot to think and with figures of boards to perform various manipulations to reach the finish as efficiently and quickly.
Sometimes there is a hopeless situation - the game authors have provided rewind to this case. Rewind looks very stylish - like rewinding a VHS tape in the ancient Wiedicke.
Levels I liked the beautiful portrayal. Levels have their chips: for example, the cold bug for a long time can not go, or in the literal sense, it will explode.
Between levels, we are given something in the form of a plot, but the plot is well-voiced in English.
At the end of hints that the full version is much more levels and at all costs to install it.
Conclusion: A great puzzle game.


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