Who likes puzzle games? It is for you developers have created a game for Android infeCCt in this genre. An exciting puzzle game that combines the classic maze and the "snake"! Your task - to dig up the entire area worm at each level. Thus it is necessary to pass each section only one time, and intersections - 2. Only then to mold bloom brightly colored flowers. You can have many levels with this wonderful game. You'll have to break your head, can even head for friends and relatives to get these great rates. You will find about 300 levels, the game will delay you for a long time and you get carried away and her fun!


- So one of the main features of the game is that the game has beautiful graphics with fine elements of animation, which will give you a positive mood.
- The perfect musical accompaniment, will delay you for a long time in infeCCt on Android OS.
- Beautiful interface.
- User-friendly menu settings allow you to customize the game quickly and without any difficulties.


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