Sprinkle Islands


Sprinkle Islands - action in this game takes place on the planet earth in the near future. Earthlings, as before, producing hundreds of tons of garbage every day, and it must constantly put somewhere. At the World Council decided to send all the garbage in space - it's the cheapest way of disposing of waste.
One day all the debris was collected from the planet and sent into space. Unfortunately, the physics that calculate the required power rocket overshot the target and the missile fell back to earth. Along with her fell and debris. It is true because of the air in the fall debris ignited and threw a fire in the archipelago of islands Titan.
Now an urgent need to save the inhabitants of Titan, the carcass of a fire. This will take you just the same - the famous fireman, and yours, which has become legendary, fire truck with retractable water gun. We are still managed in conjunction fire and extinguish all that off, we help everyone who needs it. You have to think how to drive to a particular place: it is not always a normal way. Then you just the same and will have to solve numerous puzzles. Riddles and mysteries of all kinds has become very much and to get the highest rating will have no time to beat. Extinguish burning butterflies, remove the stones and of course the "get acquainted" with monsters.
If the last part of the game «Sprinkle» graphics were one of the best and to this day, in the second part of the developers did not change made globally, but only slightly embellished. Texture slightly embellished "living grass", fire and water are much better, more realistic and more precisely ... The main feature is the lack of Nvidia Tegra effects, as developers were able to optimize the wonderful effects by all devices. No one dared to change the music, it's still pretty, interesting, funny and a little baby.
In conclusion, we note the overall impression of the game. On the one hand, there is improved physics in comparison with the previous parts, as well as become more colorful graphics. On the other hand, the game has become more arcade - and it is not like everyone.

* Great physics of water - the original game Sprinkle set new standards for the use of water in games for mobile devices. Sprinkle Islands In this physics even more refined with the endless ocean, pools and floaters.
* Improved touch control - modified controls allow players to focus on the tasks of the island, solving puzzles with the help of water flows.


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