Ball Worlds


Ball Worlds - exciting puzzle game based on physics. In it, players will collect a variety of shapes of beads. In some levels of the game you can collect pieces slowly. At other levels need to have time to gather the figure before the bomb will explode. Remember, every second counts! Collect the figures in the earth's gravity and weightlessness in the water.
Discover the world's most advanced mobile games where you have to solve exciting puzzles.
At first glance it looks just - we play area within which are multi-colored balloons. In the upper left corner of a figure to be build out of them in order to pass the level. And here comes to the forefront of a physical model of the behavior of objects - it is on the understanding of its principles and will largely depend on your success in the game. Balls behave exactly as in real life. So what are some levels may seem completely impractical, due to the fact that the balls, by their nature, are constantly unroll in all directions.
The game will unfold in the six worlds, each of which operate their own laws of physics. With the passage «Ball Worlds», figures will have to build in the woods, on the ice, in the water, in the sky and in space.
Each world consists of fifteen levels. It is necessary to adapt to the mechanics of one of them and successfully overcome step by step, comes the turn of the new game world and everything, in fact, start with a clean slate. Time to assemble the figure at most stages are not limited, but there are also those levels at which this should be done as quickly as possible until the bomb exploded. Given the ever increasing complexity of overcoming the 6 worlds and 90 levels, players will take away a lot of time and, more importantly, that this process will allow for enough stretch your brain.
Visual component can not be considered outstanding, but in general it is fully consistent with the spirit of the game. Before us is a nice looking cute cartoon graphics, supplemented by unobtrusive soundtrack.
The game is free, but it is present in the advertisement, which, though not interfere with gameplay, but it hurts the eyes a bit, so I better get rid of it. It becomes an extension of the game to the full version through the technology of Google Play In-app Billing.
For hardcore gamers, who quickly overcame all of the proposed test the game, the developers promise will soon add to «Ball Worlds» new worlds and levels. In general, the process of improving the game ChumaGames pay a lot of attention and it has been translated into nine languages.

- Unique game mechanics
- Multiple levels of
- Each of the worlds has its own peculiar physical model
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- The all-new, innovative game mechanics, physics-based
- Easy management and accessible to adults and children
- 6 worlds, and in the development of new
- 90 levels and the development of new
- Every game world has a unique design, soundtrack and physical model of the behavior of balls
- Nice colorful graphics
- Relaxing sound and music
- FREE updates with new levels!

1. Take the ball with your finger and drag it.
2. Collect the balls of the figure shown in the corner of the screen.
3. Beware of balls, bombs, bomb-blocks: the explosion they destroy neighboring blocks needed to complete the level.


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