Cavemania (Cave mania) - a game of the "three in a row", but with elements of strategy ... and dinosaurs! Help the chieftain find and reunite his tribe, sweeping in the way of a formidable enemy after another.

- Remember the good old strategy? They're back! Lead your tribe forward, bypassing the various prehistoric danger. Carefully plan your actions, combining resources from the known principle of "three in a row." Enter the units on the playing field, constructing buildings and dispose of them wisely. Act decisively, but gently, fighting the forces of nature and primitive enemies!
- Bam, boom, Biff! Everyone in your tribe - a master of his craft. Warrior severe blow clubs will push back the saber-toothed tiger. Slingers stun roaring Tyrannosaurus rex. And if you want to divert the attention of a hungry dinosaur - the hunter with the bait right there.
- Grow your tribe, passing levels and revealing a lot of upgradable units and buildings. Ways to win are always a few - try different tactics and strategies, and you will succeed!
- Take part in a friendly competition with other leaders - your friends. Check out who will score more points in a series of primitive ages!


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