Circulus - is an arcade puzzle game in which it is necessary to turn to the passage of the entire level. Perhaps the inspiration for the creation of such a game was a ball under the cover of soap bubbles, which is trying to roll to the center of yet another generation of children.
The goal - to roll the balls to a certain purpose, but are not limited to these tasks.
First, the balls are always a few, and they can be located in different parts of the level, and while you're trying to ride one ball, the other is not where we would like. Secondly, the condition of the completion level can be a pool of balls in one pile, roll up their flasks or in the destruction of the bombs.
Third, although the level and often can rotate a full 360 degrees, sometimes there are additional restrictions on the angle of rotation, which requires an even greater concentration and focus. In addition, on some levels, there are black holes into which the balls fall through forever, but sometimes you can still miss a couple - their loss does not prevent to pass the level. Overall, the gameplay is varied just enough to not get bored after the first few levels.
For new sets of levels to earn stars. The amount received for the passage of the level of stars depends on the time spent on its passage, so it is important to always act swiftly. Given the time limit, some levels can easily withdraw the player from himself, but from the desire to pass them often becomes stronger. Time limit is always different, so I recommend you keep an eye on the stopwatch.
Chart as a whole was given a lot of attention, though without flaws, unfortunately, has not done. Circulus visually resembles games like Zuma, especially in the first world.
All these game worlds most 3 to 3 in each group with 10 levels in each, i.e., overall 90 levels. Each group opens after dialing a certain number of stars in the past. With a shortage of stars can try pereproyti levels, lying in a time limit, but you can buy a star for real money. With due patience with no real attachment to the game is quite possible to do. By the way, in any open group levels can be played out of order, so that even if some of the levels you will not give in, you can go to the next and get to know other features of the game.

- Interest rates
- Nice graphics
- A variety of tasks
- Inflated complexity
- Causes dizziness

You will have:
- 100 unique levels
- Different levels of completion conditions and the Challenge
- Original gameplay
- Different types of fields, black holes, magnets, and even a bomb
- Three great world


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