Neon Blitz


Neon Blitz - absolute harmony neon lights and music, gorgeous neon colors, great music and sound. Remember how beautiful the city looks great at night - glowing windows of the houses, the bright street lights and, of course, eye-catching multi-colored neon signs.
The main task of the player - for a certain amount of time to carry out the contours of an increasing number of multi-colored patterns. They drop out at random, so you never know what will happen next. So you are not bored, the game offers a huge number of sketches. Yes, the figures are often repeated, but even after hundreds of tests still continue to appear on images that you have not seen - a definite plus.
All images are made up of multi-colored lines that will sparkle with bright lights, you barely touch them. Developing a particular contour to a certain position, which indicates a certain color special star. Once you have, say, begin to draw stern of the ship, switch to sail you can not - you must first complete the previous and then you are free to choose which item to draw on.
The game has three types of bonuses that you should try to collect as soon as possible, simply by swiping your finger over them. To do this, you need to quickly assess the situation and figure out which of the lines is a particular object. Some contours originally highlighted with bright crisp yellow glow - it means that during this line you will get the local currency - the stars, which can also be purchased for real money. This happens often - the main thing as quickly as possible to draw a line, and then you get the largest number of "money" that can be spent on the purchase of in-game bonuses - such as extra time or decrease the sensitivity of the game to your mistakes. Vivid Games such a step show that the purchase of the "stars" for the U.S. it is not necessary - you just need to play a lot, and only currency in the figures comes constantly.
In addition, the contours across glasses combos and random combo. It should be noted at once - for a series of perfectly executed loops you make a chain, and for the next line you will get longer. As soon as you bring it to the end or roll up his finger to the side as a combo back to the original position - that is, x1. So - when collecting the ball with the points you get these points multiplied by the combo, and a ball of red-green color may like to increase your successful series, and to reduce. It is better to collect all the same, because the former happens more often than the latter. In view of this, the aim of Neon Blitz - not to gain currency and bonuses, and to dial in just one minute as a lot of points - and only this will help you and bonuses on the lines, and the bonuses that you buy for "star."
Graphics Neon blitz gives a stunning picture - all the pictures painted by the artist in the venerable stunning neon colors. This immersion in the game world, such color and light you have not seen anywhere else - except, perhaps, a few musical masterpieces from Smule. As already mentioned, a lot of pictures, all of which is on different subjects - you'll be spending outline neon sign with the word Bar and Pizza, drawing glowing blue dolphins represent the shining rainbow bubbles, and even entire cities, filled with color gamut.
Neon blitz offers a rich and vibrant, to match the colors on the background symphony of soft and pleasant sounds in the recruitment of the next combo. Pitch with every successful action is widening and increasing, leading player in some trance, forcing look at the screen and nowhere else. The graphics and music - that's what goes well in this game, merging into one great "neon" game, or about her and not say.


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