Dragon Academy


Dragon Academy - Young ancient dragons in danger - a unique form of magical creatures on the brink of extinction and only the player is able to grow tiny animals with mystical runes!
Game Dragon Academy emphasis is placed on the combination of the same figures in a row. Only three or four destroyed chips and hungry dragon will be fed! However, some of the levels set forth additional requirements, such as destroying a certain number of pieces of the same color or a set of a huge number of points. Explore the mechanics from the first, but the subtleties come already in the game - how to destroy the tiles to collect a series of five runes to form a spectacular explosion, the players will know after the passage of thirty levels. As the plot of the narrative history of the world Dragon Academy, dragons will gain momentum: learn magical powers, as well as get access to Incinerate all around, it is still a sight! Some levels will throw a real challenge to players intentionally limiting the number of moves - to be tactically calibrated in time to walk and use abilities. Dragons have always been friendly to all around, why are they trying to destroy? Clues to these questions is to look after you click download Dragon Academy - a terrible story tells of undertakings vile creatures who have encroached on the lives of true dragons.


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