Quest Match 3


Match 3 Quest - a game in which fans of the genre of "three in a row" to plunge into the world of RPG adventure. Create a unique hero, assemble a team of powerful minions and save the world from the ancient evil. it's not just a game of the genre "Three in a row." It has its own storyline, developing with each new version of Quest Match 3 and elements of role-playing games.
After starting the game are asked to select the protagonist, who has unique abilities and pets. Currently available only fire mage, but the developers are already working on new classes, just need to wait.
The storyline begins with the fact that for some unknown reasons, the main character finds himself in a completely unknown place for him. Of course, the first of its desire - to quickly get out and find people. But there it was! Just one wrong move, and he crushed a seashell. One would think that's terrible, who does not happen? However, it's not like your friends that poor shells, and angry billfish are ready to start a fight. From that moment things are going Match 3 Quest.
Since the elements of our mage - fire, it is proposed to collect three red stones in a row to strike the flame - the larger stones in the line, the stronger the strike. Opponents are automatically selected. After a successful battle enemies, running away, reserve the many useful things that can be collected by simply clicking on them with your finger. Also, after the first battle, and we got a first pet - Oktus. Its elements - water, and to float the baby Oktusa need to collect the blue stones. Total possible score of three pets.
In the game there are elements of RPG, and with each new battle hero gets a certain amount of experience, which opens up new possibilities, such as an additional method of attack.
The game is updated very often, so it's better to set it up to see what she is like now.
The developers promise that soon in the Quest Match 3 will appear online features such as PvP and association with the heroes of friends. This should make the game more interesting and exciting.
We should also note that the game is in alpha testing, and any one of us can take part in the further development of the Match 3 Quest. The guys are very serious about feedback and suggestions is all players. Suffice it to write any of them on the forum or by e-mail, and after a couple of days already comes updated with bug fixes, or any interesting innovations. Report should not only error, but that would like to see in the game. If it will be interesting to someone else, the new version will not take long.
So, Match 3 Quest can be called one of the most worthy representatives of the genre "Three in a row." The game has it all: an interesting idea, an interesting realization, nice atmospheric music and colorful graphics. The main difference Quest Match 3 from other similar games is that at the heart of the game is the system of CCG (collectible card game) with evolution: even the weakest monster, if desired, can be turned into a very powerful fighter. There is also no need to wait for the enemy to attack, which makes it possible to think moves ahead.

What is our best game Puzzle Quest?
- We can take three more assistants in the characters (in the future, not only monsters, but also their friends).
- We will have PvP.
- Much deeper and more flexible pumping characters (as in Allods Online, for example).
- No need to wait for the opponents, on the board once you master, so you can think through the moves in advance.
- At the heart of the game - with the evolution of the CCT system (any of the weakest monster, if desired, can be turned into the most powerful).

Plans to Beta:
- PvP battles.
- All sorts of promotions and bonuses for active players.
- The possibility of resurrection and steep raskhodka in combat.
- 3 additional hero.
- Ability to choose the female characters.
- New map, locations and monsters.

Plans for Release:
- Cooperation with friends and group raids / quests.
- Various modes of battles (with additional rules).
- New map, locations and monsters.
- We are also planning to create another kind of puzzle game mechanics without (following the example of Blood Brothers).

Without your criticism, we will not be able to implement his plan.


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