Neon Zone

Neon Zone - an interesting game that combines the simplicity of forms and management solutions for complex logical problems. The game is made in the spirit of minimalism, and is ideal for those who decided to pass ten minutes for an exhilarating experience. Has not submitted a copy of the wonders of graphic design, but the game has an interesting component.
The main menu of the game, made in dark colors, contains four items: the bottom row are the keys «help», «buy» and «more». The first of these contains an illustrated instruction on how to navigate in the game, the second makes a transition to the full version of the game, and the third redirects to the developer site for more information and product and authors. In the center of the screen is a large pink button with the words «play», and which makes a transition to the game.
The free version of the game provides several levels of varying difficulty, the essence of which is that, with the help of the white square with rounded edges to collect all the glowing sphere.
The levels themselves are made in contrasting colors: black background, and the figure of a saturated pink. The game is perfectly realized physics, and there is easy control. In order to materialize the object, you need to touch the selected portion of the screen, but in order to move the square, you need to tilt your smartphone in the appropriate direction. In addition to slip, the object can make jumps up, it is necessary to touch the screen.
When performing tasks, there are several quality criteria: time, number of jumps and turns. If all conditions are met, you will receive 3 stars, if a figure is exceeded, the number of awards reduced. However, regardless of the quality of execution, the collection of all the glowing spheres level is passed. All your movements in the game is accompanied by quiet background music, jumping and other activities are sounded.
Neon Zone is an excellent example a combination of simplicity, brevity, and exciting entertainment.

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