Squarescape - You have at each level of output a square white from different premises. But not so easy, because the square is constantly moving, and it stops unless stumble on anything. Another observation in the game is that our square can only move horizontally and vertically.
Management in Squarescape a little different for games of this genre, which in this game by using gestures. For example, in order to enter the game, it is necessary to make a gesture. At first, it may seem strange and familiar, but with time management gestures quickly mastered, and that's why the game there are textual clues.
The main objective of the game is the intersection of the game level you need to find a white circle and exit the maze. The problem, still quite complicated, because as mentioned in the game by moving only vertically and horizontally between the walls. At the first level the game will seem very simple, but it's only the beginning. As new levels in the game will be added to all new and new units to which can not be touched, as well as various teleports and other obstacles to pass the level.
The developers of the game have worked a lot, and they get very good final product of this genre of games. The game contains many levels that will provide a huge amount of gaming hours. And all this at a very pleasant and cheerful music.
Squarescape - very good puzzle game for fans of this genre of games. Pixel art is not irritating, and the music is very good complements it. In general, the classic gameplay, a large number of challenging levels, pixel graphics and full free!

- Pixel graphics;
- Easy management through gestures;
- 100 levels with increasing complexity;
- Classic gameplay;
- The game promotes the development of the brain.


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