Cyto's Puzzle Adventure


Cyto's Puzzle Adventure Free - addictive puzzle game, action which takes place in the mysterious and colorful world. Small Zito in a fantasy world, but he does not remember anything. How did he get here and how to get out, he has no idea. In this journey the player needs to go along with Zito. Your hero is inside a transparent shell, which tends to stretch. It is thanks to her and you will move through the levels.
Also this game has a good and original graphics, original soundtrack, innovative and fun physics, and much more.

Small and very cute character named Zito lost in the fantastic and strange world where he can not remember anything from his past. Coberi memory fragments scattered over more than 80 levels in three unique worlds, and know its history.

• unique game mechanics
Cyto lives inside the transparent elastic membrane, through which he can carry dizzying jumps. You can manage it as you like: stretch cling to other cells and even run into the flight as a slingshot. Just beware of spiked viruses that can pierce his tender shell!

Fascinating journey Cyto complement luscious graphics and original soundtrack created the Emmy-nominated composer David Ari Leon.

Game Features:
• Multiple level in three different worlds
• A beautiful visual style, colorful and luscious graphics
• Original soundtrack from composer David Ari eminent Leon
• Innovative and fun physics of the microworld
• Cute characters with an interesting history
• Tons of fun for players of any age


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