Tiny Thief


Tiny Thief - Meet the new game from the creators of Angry Birds - a puzzle for android. The protagonist - a medieval thief in a fantasy world! You are waiting for exciting adventures in which it will be necessary poraskinut brains and outwit opponents - a huge robot, evil pirates or the dark knight! And many of surprises that occur at every step, you just see them! This puzzle is riddled with a great sense of humor and contains comics!
World where the rich control the poor, where money and goods decide everything like it is not everything, but go against injustice could only protagonist of the game «Tiny Thief». Brave resident of one of the kingdom defied all hypocrites ... He goes to where anger reigns and human greed. The game is a quest puzzle in which we will help local residents and protect them. We act like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and give to the needy. Our hero is not the one to help him is brave groundhog who advance scout the situation. The application is filled with humor and consists of comics - stories before each level. Win games - a stealth, we will need to penetrate the various buildings, construction and most importantly - to hide and not to get anyone in the eye. For the mission we have to fulfill the main goal, to save Scout and perform an additional task, but it is certainly ideal.
Achieved simple and very beautiful. Even 2D graphics look gorgeous, but on processors with outdated architecture Arm 6 game does not work, but sorry. Music is good enough, but represented only in the menu. Levels have to be content with only the sounds of the environment, they made pretty funny, worth appreciating.
One of those games that I would recommend everyone to install on your device. The game is so diverse and covers the interests of many players.


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