Alien Hive

Alien Hive - good puzzle on the space theme, a series of "three in a row" is perfectly balanced and has a very unusual gameplay that makes the game very attractive.
You have to cultivate not someone may be, and aliens in parallel on the game board collecting resources. At the heart of the game is the game of "tag".
That principle pyatnashek you move the chips on the field, that is, you will have one unoccupied cell that can be used to move the characters around her. Once a number of turns three or more tiles of the same characters they merge to form new that be standing on a higher stage of development, and space immediately poured on top of new elements.
Alien Hive seduces by its originality and design, each element carefully designed with attention to animation and effects, as well as excellent musical accompaniment, in an appropriate style - as a result of simple in the sense of the game looks much more interesting.
Fans of puzzles and space subjects Alien Hive exactly have the liking.


- Share your high scores on Facebook
- Multiple game modes
- A large number of achievements
- Automatic saving of games

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