Caveboy Escape


Caveboy Escape - the original puzzle game in which combines several game genres. Home is your goal - to find a way out of the maze of confusing and complicated. Great gameplay, lots of interesting levels, good graphics, simple controls, excellent optimization and much more.
Your hero - the usual cave man who always gets into dangerous mazes. You need to hurry to find a way out of this terrible maze. The first levels are easy enough, you can find a way out quickly, but with each successive level and the labyrinth, and his moves are even more confusing. If you can not find a way or time to get to him - he just collapses, and you will perish under the ruins.
The difficulty is that you can only move on squares of one color and one texture. Gradually moving towards the exit, you make a complete shape. Gradually begin to increase the size of the maze, and the time constant and inexorably shrinking. With the passage of the maze, you have to collect stars to unlock the next levels. Earn more points and share your achievements with your friends!
The game was very exciting and challenging, will appreciate the true fans of these games, dreaming to think about a formidable task. Help your character in his campaign through the dungeon in this interesting and unusual puzzle, and you get more than one hour of pleasure from the game unsurpassed, its high-quality graphics and decent music.


- Excellent puzzle game with a maze
- A very complex task and unexpected solutions
- All the time you will draw in time
- Some tasks may seem too complicated
- Collect and collect all the stars on each level


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