Safe cracker

You are doing something than to fold the first three categories of your guild mates - using his sharp mind, good memory, mathematical mind, and most importantly, nerves of steel, simply pick up the code to the safe. For law enforcement capture such spetsa real pain and unbearable itching in other parts of the body, because you do not run into flak jacket and with a gun, and do not go with huge trunks of special tools and do not look like a mole. Even if you are caught right in the act, we can say that they have lost in the search for the toilet (think of it, a secret base, 4 basement, so what?).
Safe cracker will allow to feel yourself in the role. Before you three tasks of varying difficulty - 3 characters in combination, 5 and 7. The numbers can not be repeated and it is much easier task. You also will be available clues, whether there is a test set of desired values ​​and whether they are worth. The game develops memory, observation and thinking. A "simple" (heh heh heh) gameplay of this addictive.

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