Bears vs. Art

Rory - the brown bear, brutal, loving to eat honey, berries and fresh fish. He reacted very negatively to contemporary art, especially to what attracts such crowds to the house next door.
The task of players in Bears vs.Art gallery penetrated destroy paintings hanging there. Like all "masterpieces" are protected by a variety of means of protection, alarm, and especially valuable, even deadly traps. Terms of the job as varied - for a certain number of moves in the time and so on.
Each level - a field with a complex architecture of the divided cells, and our hero has the capability of the chess queen. So, sometimes, to get to the target in two steps away from you, have to make a promenade across the room.
Especially enjoyable to learn in the game copies of real prototypes, available with a price tag and relish tear them to pieces with their clawed paws.

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