In the forest, where he lives the main character has a lot of different kinds of animals and all dream to make friends with each other, but shy. That will have the character "build bridges" between the little animals of the same species. A few simple rules of behavior on the playing field, and you are ready to meet you. Elephant in elephant, turtle to turtle, a snake a snake, a butterfly bow tie and so on. The first mode - this marathon speed. How much do you have time to pass the levels in the allotted time. Quite simply, it all depends on the skill. But the second mode, the classic, will require you to very quickly soobrazhalki and skills to plan their activities for a few moves ahead. Various bonuses will help you pass the difficult moments and to get out of a confusing situation.
LazyLinkr because of its features is the ideal solution for those who appreciate such games plus more beautiful graphics and high-quality painted icons.

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