Gold Miner - Brain Work

We will dig deep and fruitful, because the land is full of natural resources and precious metals deposits, shiny stones with price tags and fabulous treasure buried in the old days. Literally, you can take an ordinary pick and start to bite into the ground to get the first results of a positive impact on the welfare of the worker. That's only if someone wants to get more than a few grains of gold you need to get as deep as possible. There's a dark and crowded most dangerous becomes blunt on the simplest example and cause the collapse or panic, and at the last second tapnut not the value. Everyone needs to remember once again rules the little tricks and traps, and then rapidly learn to count. Movers quickly create equity through which it will be possible to open a new original characters.

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  • Posted by: Denis Dovganich (guest), 2016-02-05 03:22:49
    Это самое оригинальное описание игры, которое я видел! Большое спасибо

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