Tower Troopers

Tower Troopers - is, as already mentioned, a puzzle in the style of "three in a row", but only in 3D, which fundamentally changes the mechanics and feel of the game. In this fantasy world some forces erected a set of towers, consisting of mobile and multi-colored blocks. It is necessary to put forward just three or more segments of the same color. The inexperience and haste will lead to the fact that wanting to get up to the treasure will be in a trap built by his own hands. The main characters - professional thieves and profit seekers who specialize in the production of all valuable from the tops of ancient structures. Dexterity, wit and quick reflexes to help them in this. A wise gamer opinion by only adding the chances of success of the mission. A charter can go climbing in defense mode, and to play some semblance of "King of the mountain" and repel

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