Feed Me Oil


Game Feed Me Oil (Feed Me Oil is) is a challenging puzzle game with original hand-drawn graphics, in which you have to help savvy and some devices moving through the levels to manage the flow of oil and return oil from the pipeline back into the ground. At first glance, this game looks very easy, but it is not so. During the game you have to use not only the platform and other materials at hand, and his head and, as Feed Me Oil is not easy and not everyone will be able to pass it without effort. The purpose of each layer is to deliver the required amount of "oil" in the mouth of one or more entities. Also worth noting, the less you will be using the tools of the proposed arsenal, the more you will have the stars.
From the first minutes of the game you will fall in love with unusual design levels, each of which is a strange creature, symbolizing the earth. The sea of ​​colors and abstract shapes fascinate with its beauty. And she has an excellent implementation schedule, everything worked out to the smallest detail, and amazing physics of movement of oil makes the gameplay is really fun. A nice aspect is the possibility of free decision-making: the game no time limit, so you need to think about the amount of time over a given task, as well as carry out the necessary tests.
For fans of challenging puzzles expects 5 colorful worlds. Over 50 puzzling levels, as well as a large number of monsters that have a variety of shapes and colors. In addition it is worth noting adequately implemented physics and great soundtrack.


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