Cut and Slice - "Slash and Delhi"


Cut and Slice - an exercise for your brain skills, a lot of fun, challenging and original levels. To cut, simply touch the screen to cut cardboard shapes! The goal is to form a cut on a completely equal parts.

Two different modes of the cut! Choose what you like:
1) Multi: quick option, but requires more experience.
2) a single touch: allows you to use only one finger can be more accurate.

Open the menu during the game to control the music, the audio and other options.

There is difficulty in passing the level? Use the-help!
Do you have tips 25 at the beginning of the game, but use them wisely. Cheat will not work. To earn new clues you need to pass the levels in the "Excellent" (5 stars).

Earn 50 stars in the various levels of the stage and the next stage will be opened.
The first levels are simple enough, but soon the game becomes more challenging.

This is a classic puzzle game and an amazing, full of gaming fun!

This interesting game is designed both for short and for long gaming sessions. Challenge yourself with another one of our newest games to play, absolutely FREE!

Highly educational game for children of both sexes!

New episodes are coming soon! ;)


+ A huge number of levels
+ A great game plan
+ 3 different episodes of the wonderful

+ Excellent graphics
The original levels +
+ New, fresh, exciting puzzle game!
+ Is calculated to operate on the "tablet" and phone
+ Many hours of entertainment, absolutely FREE!

+ Assessment of passage - the stars, so the accuracy of measured sections and assessed skills
+ Tips, how to guides
+ Option repeal of the section

Coming Soon:

+ Special rates and episodes.
+ Different user profiles.
+ Levels created by users! The level will have their initials!
+ The magic of magnets that impact on the knife during cutting!


attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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