Glow Puzzle


GlowPuzzl e - you need to connect the dots with lines, and can not pass along the same path twice. The game contains 1450 levels, which you can solve one of the game modes: "classic", "challenge" and "training memory".

- "Classical" refers to gradual passage of all levels of play. In the course of solving the puzzle you have the right to make mistakes, trying again and again, you can also cancel the rash produced by the action. If the correct sequence remains an unsolved mystery for you, you can use a hint in the lower right corner.
- Mode "call" means immediately pass all 16 levels in one set. That is, if you make a mistake in any of the presented problems, have to go through the entire block over from the beginning.
- "Memory training" - is an exact reproduction of manipulation, as shown at the beginning of each level. You must connect the dots in the figure in the sequence, as shown earlier.

After each successfully completed level, you can share your achievements with Facebook or Twitter. Besides changing the look of available games: in the settings available for the background color variations, the mapping of points and lines, as well as the sound of what is happening on the screen.


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