Drag the Rope


Drag the Rope will be of interest primarily to those who would be happy to spend hours breaking my head. Was based on the idea of ​​a classic puzzle game "connect the dots", but the gameplay was supplemented by interesting nuances. You have to connect the wooden stakes with each other using normal string. Each of the 360 ​​levels is an intricate shape, the corners of which are marked with pegs. A simple graphing will be able to please most people, and colorful special effects complement the gameplay.
Game rules are fairly simple, and, as we have said, mostly borrowed from the classic puzzle. That is necessary when using a rope to connect all the pegs, while avoiding double-stretch rope in one place. In the process of building shapes can wrap a rope around a peg on either side. Besides the fact that as the game progresses you expect more and more complex shapes, there will be other obstacles that obstruct the passage of significant levels. For example, there will be parts of the shapes that you can go in one direction only.


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