Starship Disassembly 3D


Starship Disassembly 3D - it's an interesting toy, which will show you what may be composed of combat spacecraft, and how it is assembled or disassembled. In addition, you will have the opportunity themselves to prove himself as the creator of the ship, or at least, a professional in the field of 3D-modeling. The main thing in the assembly and disassembly of the ship - is the observance of the sequence. And although sometimes she (sequence) comes to the absurd, it does not get around, even if it comes to attachments.
Frankly, the Starship Disassembly 3D is not really a game, but the logic is necessarily required. If not logic, visual memory is accurate. It's kind of the constructor for the assembly of military spacecraft.
This toy is made on the same principle, and moreover, it is from the same developer. So, after the launch of the toy in front of you will choose: to see a demonstration on disassembly and assembly of the ship or the very start of this interesting puzzle.
Of course, it is advisable to look at all the processes from the outside. So you learn not only the principle of disassembly and assembly, but the sequence of actions. Actually, the last reason is the key. It is clear that, without dismantling the main building, you can not get close to the engine, but some things (for example, disassembly of attachments and weapons) would be exempt from compliance and consistency.
Designer fully supports multitouch and not only to change the scale. For example, the rotation around its axis design with an enlarged scale is bound to be missing a few things that are not vlezut in the size of the screen.
In this case, we can make some thumbed (sliding) motions on the screen with two fingers. This will give you an opportunity not to rotate the ship, as it were to move along it.
Game Starship Disassembly 3D especially to please the owners of smartphones with large screens and Tablet PCs. That's something they really have a place to turn around and imagine myself a kind of engineer of the future, collecting another dangerous weapon with just a finger movements, like Tony Stark, who also collected his little iron lumberjack, or a new element to the periodic table.
In order to analyze the next element, if you believe in the correct order, just click on the item, and then on the green arrow appears.
In case you make a mistake with a sequence selected item is highlighted in yellow, but it will not budge. During the game, you can use the tips or see the overall structure in the guise of a hologram.

- A free 3D model of the YTG Cruiser 3
- 60 pieces
- Fully interactive model
- Three modes: Demo, Disassembly, Assembly, Play
- 3D models of parts of the text of the title


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