Pirate Adventures 2


Pirate Adventures 2 - course cursed island - to the ancient treasures of the ghost! The second part of the addictive game "Legends of pirates" - is a new adventure full of danger and risk? Now desperate pirate Jack offers unexplored mysteries cursed island full of treasures and jewels.
What everyone dreams dashing pirate? Become the captain of the ship and find the treasure island. But where to type the command fearless robbers? How to solve the prediction of ancient spirits and possess boundless wealth ghost? To achieve all this, have to go to considerable risk, betting pirate honor and true love.

- An exciting adventure of the 18 chapters
- Search for items in the den of pirates, and the fortune-teller's house on the island of ghosts
- New characters and unpredictable plot twists
- Unexpected ending

By virtue of whether Jack to cope with new challenges doom? To do this he will need your help!


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