Mysteryville - Mystery of N v.1.4


Mysteryville - Mystery of N - something sinister going on in the City N: from a small town lost all cats! Investigate the strange thing is taken young journalist Laura Winner. To straighten, brave Miss Winner will become a real detective! It will have to interview people and find all the clues hidden in the most unlikely places. Twisted story line runs through 21 destination, all of which need to come into contact with different people and to discover clues.
Ahead offers mystical puzzles, search for hidden objects, criminal history, crazy adventures and, of course, the cats and the cats!
This detective story - a classic game in the genre of "hidden object", which is especially for lovers of dogs and cats.

- Fascinating hidden object - get all the clues!
- Exciting gameplay
- A mysterious criminal history
- Atmospheric soundtrack that creates a real detective!
- Support for OpenFeint

01/04 Version:


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