Mysteryville 2: hidden crime - Secrets of N. Part two. v.1.6 build 13


The brave journalist Laura Winner with you again! A small town made famous in the game, "Secrets of N", again in the center of the scandal. Mysterious sect attracts to its ranks the town residents and stupefy their minds. Journalist Laura Winner will have to take the case and conduct an investigation to determine the cause of mysterious events.
The player will be useful to any clues that will help in establishing the truth. Accidentally found scraps of paper folded in the important evidence and mysterious anagram - a hint for further action. The main thing - do not waste time, because the longer the search continues, the more dangerous in the city.

Key features include:
- An intriguing and interesting plot;
- A great and colorful graphics;
- Interesting and varied mini-games;
- The atmosphere of the detective;
- Fascinating gameplay.

Will Laura to bring this matter to the end and find out what's really going on in this small country town?

Version 1.6 build 13:


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