The Silent Age

The Silent Age (Episode One) - is full of mysteries quest, which shows us how fate can order the usual average person. First, we show how our hero grows up, serve in the army, wanders the streets and eventually gets a job as a janitor. And so in the future looks all his life, he will wash the floors in a faceless skyscraper until the end of his days.
But one day everything changes when a mysterious Joe stumbles upon a dying man who came out of nowhere, and thunders of the terrible events that will occur if someone does not intervene in their course. And of course our choice falls on Joe, who is using a device referred to it, is moved forward by 40 years and sees that the man was right, and humanity became extinct. Now his task is - to get out of the time loop to prevent that terrible event.
Looks quest soundly, before warning us that we put headphones, and for good reason, the music makes the atmosphere in the game is a hundred times exciting than to play without sound. Control standard for any quest, and is endowed with pleasant plushies kind of racing, which is sometimes very useful. Atmosphere puzzles competes with the atmosphere in 1972, in which the events of the game begin.
The Silent Age - an incredibly exciting quests representative of the world.

- Beautiful GUI
- Charming music
- Clever plot
- The colorful characters
- Interesting location

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