Escape from prison 3: Morgue

If you are in prison - it is very much spoil your mood, but get a life sentence for a crime he did not commit - doubly insulting. 10 years have passed. First five years you have suffered from apathy and depression because of the senselessness of later life. And then, one day there was a great idea. And why not escape, it has nothing to lose. But ordinary jerk to freedom is over 100% in the cooler, so you need to prepare thoroughly. And here comes the tenth year of serving your punishment, you're ready to escape. But fate smile, and in a fight you got a good head on, as a result - amnesia. Memory loss - not an excuse to delay the operation, otherwise the guards can find all of your caches.
And now, following their same prompts and logical thinking, what he would do and has done in a given situation, the protagonist aspires to freedom.

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