The Dreamatorium 2

The game is distributed all along the same lines - the first level of the demo for free the rest of the money. That is good news, because even ardent fans of the genre may not like the quest. Here some of the most linear riddles and puzzles, completely unemotional scoring of the main character and the role of the plot selected mercilessly exploited the story is already worn out to holes. That and look through here and there. The illogicality of tasks and situations, it is no matter what no effect, empty dialogues with the characters kill all the initial interest on the vine.
The plot of catches a private detective to investigate paranormal crimes chat while walking. Having become an unwitting witness to the abduction of a girl on a bicycle, courageous hound rushes to find clues scattered it so that no one could miss, monosyllabic hints and clear answers.

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