Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim


Feature of the game «Majesty: Royal simulator" that you can not directly control their subjects. Your kingdom is a lot of heroes: brave knights and warlike barbarians, powerful sorcerers and necromancers mysterious, industrious dwarves and elves are skilled as well as many many others. However, all of them lead their own lives, and decide for themselves what they will do at some point. You can give orders and instructions, but they will perform only if they are backed by a solid reward.

In «Majesty: Royal Simulator" is a role-playing game elements, and: to fulfill your request, the characters improve their skills and talents to earn money to spend on new equipment, weapons and magic potions.

Game features:

★ Fully adapted for Android cult strategy of indirect control.
★ 10 kinds of characters with dozens of options, individual weapons and armor.
★ A dozen different kinds of monsters.
★ Several dozen spells.
★ 30 types of buildings with an option to upgrade.
★ 16 story missions.
★ Three levels of difficulty.
★ About 100 game achievements.


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