Musaic Box (Muzaik)


Musaic Box (Muzaik) - an unusual game, the computer version of which has already received an award for Best Casual Game of the Year at GDC, and the award for Excellence in Design at the Festival of Independent Games Independent Games Festival. Turning to the mobile platform, it has kept the original gameplay, and stylish graphics, and all variety of musical compositions.

The plot of this non-standard combinations of musical puzzles and detective quest, which is Muzaik, offers players solve the mystery disappearance of the old masters of the organ. Coping with a variety of tasks and gradually collecting the necessary information, you will find drawings of musical boxes, opening the main charm of Muzaika - branded puzzles, which need to collect tunes masterpieces of classical and contemporary music from several small pieces. In contrast to other puzzles, Muzaike will help you not only the logic of how a rumor. Properly collected melody bring to solving the mystery, revealing that, you unlock a special mode of free creativity, allowing you to create their own musical compositions and arrangements for them.

Game features:
- Unusual marked prestigious awards, gameplay
- Music - as part of the gameplay
- Mode of creation of free
- Many masterpieces of classical and contemporary music


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