Draw Race 2 v.1.0.8


Draw Race 2 - you have to drive the car from a third party that is quite unusual racing games. But that's not all, you will not be able to drive a car in real time.
You have to carefully consider the trajectory of the car on the track prior to the check-in and draw a best in your opinion the route with your finger. After starting the machine will move in the intended way of you for it, and you will just have to give it the acceleration on the straight sections.
Such an option of driving physics and reminds not to forget about drifts in sharp bends. Here in front of your virtual opponent, you will benefit, because the system will try to pass a line as good as possible, and correct is not always faster.
In other races the same purpose as in other games - to come first to the final line. For winning the race you will be rewarded with the discovery of new tracks and cars. All in all, Draw Race 2, there are 16 cars, 32 tracks, five types of arrival, the button "turbo", 180 races in career mode and even multiplayer!

Version 1.0.8:


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